One simple price for endless possibilities.

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$299 per year
per website

Up to 200 properties $1 for every property over 200

Invite homeowners to join, create
and manage their property
Provide access to payment portal
Send and receive messages
with registered users
Keep users up-to-date on
community news and
upcoming events.
Upload important community
documents, and provide
useful links
Publish community FAQs
Publish a community directory
Upload and manage
Work Orders / Forms
Create profiles for community
board members
Generate ad revenue
from local businesses
Allow users to create and
interact within interest groups.
Allow users to engage in
community forums
Allow users to list items for sale

Hoampage Standard Features

Customize website

Upload community logo, photos, customize the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ sections, and create custom community pages.

Visibility control

Turn features ON or OFF, and select which features will be public, or only be visible to registered Hoampage users within the community.

Need more websites? Spend less money.

5+ Websites
% off
per year
per website
10+ Websites
% off
per year
per website
25+ Websites
% off
per year
per website
Discount applied once account has reached the qualifying number of active websites.
Discount is honored at annual renewal, so long as the qualifying number of websites remain active in the account.