Hoampage FAQs

  1. How does the free trial work?

    Every new website that is created is automatically placed into a 30-Day Free Trial. Being that multiple administrators may be working within a single account, we want to give everyone a fair chance to familiarize themselves with Hoampage.

    As the trial period is coming to an end, you will receive a notification from Hoampage reminding you to upgrade to an annual subscription plan in order to keep the website active.

    If you do not wish to keep the website active, no further action is required. The website will remain in your administrative account until you choose to renew at a later date, or delete the website.

  2. Can you cancel a plan at any time?

    You cannot cancel a plan in the middle of a billing cycle. If you wish to cancel a plan, you will need to simply let the current plan end, no further action is required. The website will remain in your administrative account until you choose to renew at a later date, or delete the website.

  3. How many administrators can you have per account?

    There is no limit to the number of administrators you can have per administrative Hoampage account. An Account Administrator has the ability to add new administrators, and allocate permissions.

  4. How do you invite homeowners to join Hoampage?

    Once you have created your new website, and are ready to start inviting homeowners, you will first need to add properties by navigating to the Properties Tab, and click Add Property. You can add properties individually or upload a .csv homeowner file. Once your properties are uploaded and mapped correctly, you can start sending invites.

    You will be able to choose between (3) invite methods:

    • Email Invite (Free) - Invite delivered to valid email addresses associated with properties.
    • Download Registration File (Free) - Download a .csv file containing a unique registration code for each property, so that you can invite homeowners any way you choose.
    • Send Postcard ($1 / property) - 5”x 8” color postcard printed and mailed to each property. Email delivery included for valid email addresses associated with a property.
  5. What does the OFF and ON do for website features?

    Hoampage strives at simplifying the community website experience, while accommodating everyone’s needs at the same time. If there is a feature that is not of value to a certain website, an admin can simply turn that feature OFF inside the Website Builder.

    If an admin wishes to turn a feature ON, then that feature will become visible to all registered Hoampage users within that specific community.

  6. What does it mean when a feature is labeled as public or private?

    Some features may contain sensitive information. Therefore, you have the ability to set any feature to private inside the Website Builder. Only a registered Hoampage user within the community will be able to view that feature when logged into their account.

    If a feature is labeled as public, then a visitor to the website will be able to view that feature without logging into a Hoampage account.

    For security and safety purposes, all Social features (Forums, Groups, and For Sale) cannot be made public

  7. What information is included in the community directory? Is all information required?

    If an admin chooses to publish a website’s community directory, registered Hoampage users within that community can decide whether or not they would like to be included. If they do opt in, Name(s) and Property Address are required. Users can also provide a Phone Number and Email Address, if they wish. Users can opt out of the directory at any time.

  8. What controls are in place to prevent members of a forum or group from posting inappropriate content?

    Users have the ability to flag any inappropriate content within the social features. The flagging will generate a report to the administrator managing that website. It is up to the administrator to decide on the course of action by either contacting the flagged user, removing the content, or restricting user privileges.

  9. How do custom pages work?

    Administrators customizing a website are able to create as many custom pages as they would like. These custom pages can either be public or private, and will be visible under the My Community tab.

  10. How many Members are allowed?

    There is no limit to the number of members you can have per property. The Homeowner has the ability to add/invite new members, and allocate permissions.