What is Hoampage?

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Hoampage is a platform that provides essential online management tools for community management companies and self-managed HOAs.

More importantly, we provide a space for homeowners to not only stay informed about their community, but engage with management, and connect with neighbors.

Our Story

To know Hoampage, you first need to get to know Page Per Page - a print, mail, and technology company, specializing in the community association industry.

Since 2008, Page Per Page has delivered letters (i.e. billing assessments, annual meeting notices, ballots, etc.) to more than 60,000 HOAs representing more than 5 million homeowners.

Through experience and interactions with management companies, HOAs and homeowners alike, Page Per Page became quite knowledgeable about the world of community management.

What interested them most, was what needed improvement.How could they best serve and evolve the industry?

One particular area of concern was community (HOA) websites. To put it bluntly, the sites were deserted wastelands. Expensive ones, at that.

But the answer as to “Why?” was simple. Information was often outdated, stale and irrelevant, and communication was strictly one-way. Homeowners had no other choice but to disengage, looking to private groups on social media sites to vent their frustrations.

Page Per Page jumped at the opportunity, and began building Hoampage.

Hoampage exists today, to not only solve the underlying issues present in the community website industry, but more importantly, strengthen the relationship between management and homeowners.

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